The Brand

The beginning

Brutta Golf is an Icelandic golf brand founded in 2022. Before Brutta became a golf appeal it was a streetwear brand named Brutta Faccia.

Due to Icelandic weather condition dressing up properly for golfing is essential as we recognised a lack of variety of golf clothes in Iceland and that's where our idea of Brutta Golf became a reality.

The clothes

The clothes are designed by a passionate golfer. As we are a growing company we are offering a small collection as a start. Our goal is to design a high quality golf wear suitable for golfers, ranging from beginners to professional golfers.

As we proudly present Brutta Golf as golf wear we are confident to ensure that our clothes can be used beyond golfing, such as for other sports, hobbies, outdoor activities or as a casual daywear.

The future

We have spent a great amount of time in designing our fits, patterns and material. Our primary goal is to test and develop a greater range of high quality golf activewear that we can offer to our clients as we hope that Brutta Golf will grow and continue to evolve. We are excited to present to you more of Brutta Golf wear in the future as we have a lot of ideas for our next steps